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Thermal Detection

Thermal Detection Kiosk

A Thermal Detection kiosk is a kiosk that uses facial recognition and infrared technology to scan and record an individual’s temperature. The purpose of these kiosks is to help screen individuals for a fever or other abnormal reading through a contactless system, making it less likely that someone who is ill will be granted access to the building, and therefore, less likely to infect others. In addition to temperature readings, many of these kiosks also dispense contactless hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • High Accuracy 4X4 Matrix IR Temperature Sensor (+/-0.3 degree)
  • High Resolution Camera (300 – 500 mm sensing Distance)
  • HD Display with PC configuration Intel i3/4GB/500GB/win 10.
  • Immediate Email Notification When High Temperature detected. Daily Log File Email   
  •   attachment.
  • Integration to Customer Time Attendance System.
  • Solid Steel Structure with Lockable Wheels.
  • Sensor Based Non-Touch Sanitizer dispenser having a capacity of 7 Ltr. Sanitizer.

Technical Specification

  • Intel 12th Gen i3 / i5 / i7 based computing unit
  • Touch Screen size 18.5”/22”/24”
  • Ram 8gb/16gb
  • Storage SSD 512gb