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Health Care kiosk

A self-service kiosk has become a regular fixture in many businesses of every size. Whether at an airport, supermarkets, the hospitality sector, banking or healthcare, this system makes things easier for both customers and businesses. The ability of hospital or healthcare kiosks to simplify processes for patients and administrators offers great potential to the health care industry. A healthcare kiosk is an interactive device placed at a fixed spot of the hospital. These are designed to accomplish multiple tasks that reward patients and hospitals alike. A hospital kiosk gives patients the control to find the information themselves. By doing this, patients are actively engaged as they can interact with the system in a meaningful way.

The Importance of Healthcare Kiosks

  1. Helps in booking walk in appointments.
  2. Expedite Patient Payments
  3. Indoor Patient Status
  4. Accurately measures BMI
  5. Reduce Personnel and Material Costs

Technical Specification

  • Intel 12th Gen i3 / i5 / i7 based computing unit
  • Touch Screen size 18.5”/22”/24”
  • Ram 8gb/16gb
  • Storage SSD 512gb


The two most important goals of hospital kiosks are creating a great patient experience and improving operational efficiencies. It has been proven that hospital kiosks cut down operational costs and transform the patient experience. However, poorly implemented kiosks can also increase costs over time and discourage patients.