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Self-checkout Kiosk

A self-checkout kiosk is a type of computer, usually outfitted with a touchscreen display, that allows a user to purchase goods and services without the assistance of a staff member. The advantage of self-checkout kiosks is that they allow consumers to purchase goods on their own terms without having to wait for an employee to be free to help. Studies say that 66% of consumers prefer self-service options over interacting with store employees. Making self-service technology available for those customers who prefer it helps encourage repeat business as it keeps these consumers comfortable and happy as they shop.
Self-Checkout Kiosk is a digital self-service machine with a 24-inch screen and a metal casing, designed for retail stores and supermarkets.

🔸Built to last: Sturdy metal shell and 24-inch FHD Screen, wear-resistant

🔸Efficient receipt printing: 80mm Printer, up to 220mm/s Printing speed

🔸Self-service scanning and payment: Quickly identify item barcodes and support external EFT POS payment

🔸Various installation methods: VESA standard wall mounted, desktop, and floor-standing

Technical Specification

  • Intel 12th Gen i3 / i5 / i7 based computing unit
  • Touch Screen size 18.5”/22”/24”
  • Ram 8gb/16gb
  • Storage SSD 512gb