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If you want to search for payment kiosk manufacturers in India? So, your search ends here with us, “Bits & Bytes” is a technology-oriented company and top-notch kiosk solution, where we provide touch screen kiosks, information kiosks, scaleable kiosks, and BFSI kiosks with professionalism at the lowest budget.

We’re Experienced Hospitality Kiosk Manufacturer In India.

“BitsBytes” Our primary business is producing and offering a complete kiosk solution. Our kiosks cater to a variety of markets and industries and provide a wide range of products. Our products are made up of hardware that is internally engineered for optimal performance, software solutions, and algorithms. We build each component in accordance with quality standards and inspect it for superior performance. For bill payment, we also offer a personalized and user-friendly Any Time Payment [ATP] Kiosk. Every one of our products is approved for simple market distribution.

BBIPL— the manufacturer of hospitality kiosks, is committed to excellence and quality as its core values. We also think that our clients should have access to 24×7 support, so we have a full staff of seasoned professionals on staff who can troubleshoot problems, respond to inquiries, and fix technical issues in a matter of hours. Our client list includes the biggest and most well-known companies on the planet. We think that a high-quality product combined with a productive support staff creates enduring customer relationships.

We provide online citizen services through sophisticated, fashionable self-service touchscreen systems with round-the-clock displays that support numerous touch points. Although a lot of services are already offered online, non-computer literate people can still access them with the help of an interactive self-service kiosk. A simple approach to assist, involve, and inform the public. Utilizing electronics and projected capacitive touch technology, some larger models provide simultaneous, accurate, and quick touch with up to 80 fingers.

With our headquarters located in India, we are the leading hospitality kiosk manufacturing company in the country. We provide solutions for gaming, multimedia, and outdoor kiosks. Another popular kiosk that businesses use to give customers information is the information kiosk software. In addition to manufacturing kiosk stands, we also create software, engineer hardware, and offer a comprehensive solution. We are also well-known among manufacturers of custom kiosks, and we create them in accordance with client specifications.

Why Choose Us?

We work with intelligent hospitality kiosks manufacturers that handle and resolve several user applications with a single solution. A computer terminal with specialized hardware and software that offers information and applications for commerce, education, entertainment, and communication is called a kiosk machine. A computer and display screen are components of a kiosk machine, which enables users to enter data using a keyboard or touch screen. Kiosk Machines add a technologically-oriented glow to the place and aid in delivering a satisfying user experience. With the aid of our kiosks, customers can save time and feel more confident that the business is enhancing their experience by utilizing cutting- edge technologies.

● lessen traffic.
● OEM based kiosk unit.
● Reduce the amount of time spent waiting.
● Boost client contentment.
● Reduce operating expenses.
● Increase worker productivity.
● Boost cash flow more quickly.
● Optional Components: Keyboard, Numeric Keypad, fingerprint reader, receipt
printer, card reader, QR code scanner, Security, Handset, Fine coating, & anti
● 24×7 hours supportive.