Wall Mount Kiosk

  • Make attendance through retina of your eyes
  • Access control
  • Provide access to a company's Intranet
  • Corporate events & activities
  • Provide access to online policies & practices
  • Allow employees to easily change their personal information & E- Ticketing
  • Images of wall mount kiosk

Model Available

Specification for wall mount kiosk enclosure
  • Metal/stainless steel with powder coated finish in specified color
  • Mounting for 15/17/19" lcd/tft touch screen monitor
  • Space for small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Spike proof power socket
  • Ventilation fan S
  • Proper wiring arrangements
  • Service door with locks & Branding
Hardware availability for wall mount kiosk
  • LCD/TFT Touch screen monitor in 15"/17"/19".
  • Small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Speakers
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse.