Touch Screen Podium

Touch screen based podium is designed to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing for people of any physical stature whether wheelchair accessible. This all in one touch screen control system controls all integrated equipment which also allow the user to raise or lower the podium and tilt the monitor. Whether your presentation includes PowerPoint slides, VCR tapes, DVDs, websites, two and three dimensional objects, charts, overheads, etc... you will have the all the tools & equipment you need at your fingertips.

Making it "easy" to present your visuals any time, . . .any way, . . .any location.

Model Available

Specification for Touch Screen Podium
  • Metal/steel with powder coated finish
  • Mounting for 15/17/19" lcd touch screen monitor
  • Small form Factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Two service door
  • Two locks
  • Color as per choice & availability
  • Shoes / wheels & brakes
  • Spike proof power sockets
  • Ventilation fan
  • Microphone Holder
  • Clamp Holder for A4 size paper
  • Glass / Bottle holder & Branding .
Hardware availability for Touch Screen Podium
  • LCD / TFT Touch screen monitor in 15/17/19
  • Small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Branded UPS
  • Microphone