Information Kiosk

Information kiosks are becoming so popular as it is being used in various sectors like hospitals, railways, institutions, museums, automobiles, tourism, airports, defense , governments & PSU's and many more where people are using it for the following applications:-

  • Check-In Kiosk / Boarding Pass Kiosk
  • Information / e-Ticketing Kiosk.
  • Loyalty Program Kiosk.
  • Self check-in terminals for hotels.
  • Automated arrivals kiosks for conferences, where clients can register their arrival, print out tickets, etc
  • Reservation booking terminals for restaurants, enabling diners to reserve a table and order food in advance
  • Fast food & drinks order terminals, where customers order and pay before collecting their meal
  • Electronic menus, allowing the diner to choose at the table and transmit their order directly to the kitchens.
  • Automated arrival terminals, where patients can check themselves in Appointment booking kiosks, for patients to make or view appointments
  • Health information terminals, which provide general health information and give answers to common questions
  • Patient records terminals, allowing patients to check their medical records
  • Public internet access kiosks, making the Internet available to everyone
  • Library check-in and check-out kiosks, facilitating borrowing of books for users Citizen Advice kiosks, making information available to the public about their legal and civil rights
  • Tourist information kiosks, providing information from printable maps to useful telephone numbers
  • Staff organization/intranet kiosks, enabling local government to run more smoothly and efficiently from within.

Model Available

Specification for information kiosk enclosure
  • Metal sheet/stainless steel / Fiber body with powder coated finish for metal & duco paint finish for fiber body material
  • Mounting for 15/17/19" lcd touch screen monitor
  • Space for standard CPU / small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Space for proper wiring arrangements of all hardwares
  • Two service door
  • Two locks
  • Color as per choice & availability
  • Wheels and brakes/shoes
  • Spike proof power sockets
  • Ventilation fan
Hardware availability for information kiosk
  • LCD/TFT Touch screen monitor in 15"/17"/19"/22"/32".
  • Standard CPU / small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Ups (optional)
  • Speakers
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse.