Gaming & Entertainment kiosk

Solutions offered by kiosks in gaming and entertainment include:-

Kiosk technology can provide all this and more. Gaming can still benefit further from the kiosk technology available today. Gamers demand more and more interactivity, and customer service is critical in leisure activities It can turn standard arcade games into a rich, totally interactive experience and make available the maximum range of services, with minimal customer effort required.

  • Online gaming terminals, to play online games anywhere.
  • Music and video kiosks, where customers can try, buy and transfer a wide range of audio and visual files for their mp3 or mp4 players. Interactive gaming terminals incorporating touchscreen, and even voice recognition technology to increase interaction.
  • Demonstration terminals, for gamers to 'try before they buy'.
  • DVD rental kiosks, enabling customers to rent, pay for and return DVDs Gaming kiosk solutions can generate revenue in their own right, for instance by requiring players to pay before they play, or they can promote the purchase of home gaming systems, thereby indirectly generating profit