Food Ordering Kiosk

Food Ordering Kiosks are digital touch screens at restaurants and cafes. Where customers place their own orders instead of being waited on or standing in line to place an order with a cashier. Choosing a food ordering kiosk with a great option is important for quick service restaurants for increasing sales while decreasing lines and wait times.

  • A la carte across multiple restaurants in one order.
  • Integrated with EMV enabled card payment.
  • Simple intuitive touch user interface.
  • Avoids manual procedures for order place.
  • 24X7 customers service.
  • Fast automatic processing.
  • No frustrating queues or human interaction.

Model Available

Specification for information kiosk enclosure
  • Metal sheet/stainless steel / Fiber body with powder coated finish for metal & duco paint finish for fiber body material
  • Mounting for 15/17/19" lcd touch screen monitor
  • Space for standard CPU / small form factor CPU / Panel PC
  • Space for proper wiring arrangements of all hardwares
  • Two service door
  • Two locks
  • Color as per choice & availability
  • Wheels and brakes/shoes
  • Spike proof power sockets
  • Ventilation fan
Hardware availability for multi utility payment kiosk
  • LCD/TFT Touch screen monitor in 15"/17"/19"/22"/32".
  • CPU i5-8500
  • Ups (optional)
  • Speakers
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse.
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