Education kiosk

Solutions offered by kiosks in education include:-

Self-service forms a natural part of this drive to 'close the digital divide', providing faster, more efficient, more cost-effective solutions for schools and universities, thus improving student access to IT and education services. Information technology has become incredibly popular and important throughout Indian education system, especially as more and more information becomes available on the internet, and as computer literacy becomes an essential requirement for many jobs. The potential for improving education through self-service is immense, offering students' access to information providers such as the internet and facilitating time management, while providing a cost-effective means of transmitting information.

  • University administration terminals, offering students a range of services. Education terminals, allowing younger children to become more familiar with technology
  • Public internet access kiosks, making the Internet available to everyone. Library check-in and check-out kiosks, facilitating borrowing of books for users.
  • Test and examination terminals, where students can sit exams both in school and remotely, and receive their marks instantly.